Quicken security prices not updating

I’m grateful that Verizon is still allowing grandfathered plans on their network so while I’m no longer careful about internet usage I try not to abuse it.I have all my data intensive processes like Crash Plan backups run only between 1am-4am when I figure Verizon has plenty of bandwidth and spectrum available.If you didn’t upgrade you lost the ability to automatically download from your credit cards. Now if I wanted to be frugal I would have just downloaded the files from each site and imported them. Several of the software packages I DID reinstall were much older than Quicken's. I was a loyal Quicken customer for over 25 years, but now I can't use software 3 years old! I've spent hours with tech support but each time there is a partial fix and I manually update my registers something else goes haywire and I am back to lost info and am unable to reconcile through online.

Quicken had a protocol where you would need to update about every 36 months (maybe a bit more). I just want a reliable checking/savings program that works. I have lost transactions, been unable to download from institutions and the last time I ran it the program was "saving to Quicken 2016," which I didn't think was even on my computer.Now I see a message on my Quicken 2015 that my auto-download is ending and I must update.I go to their site and find that they have increased my cost by 300% or a total of 0 every three years instead of . I have used Quicken (for Mac) since its inception and have upgraded regularly.Spent an entire month back and forth with customer service. I was denied 2 days after my 30 day guarantee ran out to return my new quicken. I have an excellent credit rating, go figure their denying me. Quicken doesn't want the word to get out about how crappy their subscription service is, how their bill pay feature doesn't work, and how long time Quicken users are appalled about the subscription service, the cost, and the reviews are horrendously bad on service, product, features (that don't work), etc..I replied to two posts (one in response by Quicken Harold that Mac users had a "slimmed down version") (and I noted that we didn't have a slimmed down price, which did not go over so well, apparently) and both were censored: This reply has been removed by Quicken: Funny how we MAC users don't have a SLIMMED DOWN PRICE for the slimmed down version of Quicken.

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