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On top of the standard version, you can pay a little extra for Paint Shop Pro 2018 Ultimate, which adds professional-grade raw editing, automatic photo corrections and screen recordings to the mix.

Read our Paint Shop Pro X9 review Photoshop CC is head-bangingly brilliant, and has too many features to summarise in this small space – but you can read more in our Photoshop CC 2017 review and explore its capabilities further in our Top Photoshop tutorials article.

When saving or opening Photoshop documents, layers are preserved allowing you to collaborate effectively with colleagues using Adobe's software.

The selling point of photo editor Handy Photo is its interface, which uses the corners of the screen to cater for rotating menu options.

This is the basic alternative to Photoshop CC, as reflected in its great Quick and Guided Edit modes, but don't think that means it lacks power under the hood.

Also, unlike Photoshop CC, Elements doesn't require a subscription.

Photoshop is the world's go-to photo editor – so much so that the word has become verbified, like 'Hoover' or 'Google'.

This might give the impression that Adobe's photo editor is the undisputed champion, but that all depends on what you use it for – for your purposes it may be a case of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

However, it would never be your one and only image-editing tool.It's all designed to keep the central area of the screen clear, allowing you to use swipe gestures to tone your effects up or down.It's a powerful photo editor; the UI isn't for everyone, but this is an amazing price for the effects you get.The Camera app that comes on the i Phone by default is not brilliant: yes, you can use it to take some decent shots, but it doesn't offer you much creative control. The app has two parts: a camera and a photo editor, and it truly excels at the latter, with a huge range of advanced features.Camera doesn't just limit you to editing new pics – you can quickly import your existing photos into the Lightbox where you can breathe new life into them.

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