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Such early yet difficult success was followed by a sociocultural retreat, if not repression, that would later help ensure the survival of the French language in Canada.

After Canadian Confederation in 1867, Québec started to become industrialized and thus experienced increased contact between French and English speakers.

Quebec business, especially with the rest of Canada and with the United States, was conducted in English.

Also, communications to and within the Canadian federal government were conducted almost exclusively in English.

From the time of the war to the death of Maurice Duplessis in 1959, the province experienced massive modernization.

It is during this period that French-language radio and television broadcasting, albeit with a façade of European pronunciation, began in Canada.

Those differences that are unmarked are most likely so just because they go unnoticed by most speakers.

As mentioned above, Québec French is not standardized and is therefore equated with standard French.

A great number of French Canadians went to the US to seek employment.West Nipissing, Penetanguishene and Windsor each had their own school crisis.Although Québec French constitutes a coherent and standard system, it has no objective norm since the very organization mandated to establish it, the Office québécois de la langue française, believes that objectively standardizing Québec French would lead to reduced mutual intelligibility with other French communities around the world, linguistically isolating Quebecers and possibly causing the extinction of the French language in the Americas.Unlike the language of France in the 17th and 18th centuries, French in New France was fairly well unified.It also began to borrow words, especially place names such as Québec, Canada and Hochelaga, and words to describe the flora and fauna such as atoca (cranberry) and achigan (largemouth bass) from First Nations languages.

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