Purolator tracking number not updating

Additional fees come from Pivotal’s optional add-on programs: The cost of the ecommerce add-ons isn’t disclosed, but if you plan to sell online, it’s worth looking into those costs.

I think that Pivotal has come a long way toward disclosing fees, but it’s not a perfect system.

With some further changes, Pivotal could see even more of an improvement in its rating. If you’ve worked with Pivotal, especially recently, please leave us a comment! Pivotal doesn’t have quite the diverse array of product offerings that the giants of the industry do, but it does cover all of the basics (that I feel, at least) a merchant could need.

As always, I encourage you to sit down and assess your requirements carefully and be certain that Pivotal truly has everything you want and need to grow and thrive.

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PCI compliance fees are common, though they are expensive and annoying as well.As much as I don’t like the idea of paying for reporting, it’s probably worth keeping the paid version of Pivotal360 at least.If you need more info on how credit card processing fees work, check out this article or our infographic.If you do run into trouble, however, it definitely pays to be a member of Pivotal ONE: The company can, and often will, switch your equipment out for a new compatible device, and you’ll retain ownership.Your rates with Pivotal Payments will depend on your processing volume, your industry, and other factors, so it’s not surprising that the company doesn’t disclose its pricing.

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