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The Rosselló administration has not taken up any of the recommendations to keep PRIS as an independent entity because, according to Rosario, it sees PRIS as a contributor to current data reliability issues. “This is an issue of power: Whoever controls the information controls the power,” Blondet said.

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Before the consolidation plan, Rosselló replaced four of the seven PRIS executive board members in July 2017— citing a history of "incorrect" numbers.

Advocates for greater transparency worry that the conflicts over accurate data and information are slowing the island's recovery process at a crucial time.“We’re two months away from the next hurricane season,” Blondet said.

“We have a chance to make needed changes.”FOLLOW NBC LATINO ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM.

“That study does not use a public safety standard, but a public health one.”Marazzi acknowledges PRIS was unable to be involved in this process because of the ongoing efforts from the Puerto Rican government to dismantle it.

Consequently, Puerto Rican officials left PRIS out of the task force designed to examine hurricane-related deaths.

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