Problems with abx guide updating

It was helpful, however, a little over my head -- Logistics Analyst, Bel Brands USA Good -- President, Freight Management Group Liked that I could write notes on each slide -- Contracts Manager, DAT Solutions LLC It seems very informational -- Logistics Manager, Dillards Inc. Enjoyed reviewing court decisions -- Director of Logistics Procurement, Clariant Corp. I learned a lot -- Director of Compliance, HUB Group Good --- allows for notes on data provided -- Logistics Manager, Viskase Most knowledgeable course I have taken The course book will be a valuable reference -- Logistics Supervisor, Gopher Sport This seminar and the course manual is a great educational tool Its well designed and good input -- Supply Chain, American Proficiency Institute This is great, especially the Appendix Very good --- I like the open forum; we were able to ask many questions -- VP of Operations, DCL Logistics Great, would attend more of the same topic -- Corporate Counsel, Sanmar Corporation This seminar keeps me up to date on the current transportation contract laws -- Contract Manager, Sanmar Corporation Very good, quick reference material; underlies the importance of carrier contracts Right level of depth and review of key concepts -- Director of Transportation, VWR International LLC Very good -- Director VWR Transportation, VWR International LLC Good -- Program Socialist, CMOP, U. Department of Veterans Affairs Good -- Managing Director, Brightstone Insurance This is my first class on transportation law.

Excellent -- Unsigned Critique Enjoyable --- good information -- Supervisor Traffic, BAE Systems Course Manual very helpful with practical resources Appreciated insight of presenter & historical content of discussion points -- Senior Corporate Counsel, HUB Group Very well put together --- easy to follow Excellent review and update -- Director, Cargo Claims, HUB Group I learned a lot of updated transportation law & code; educational tool appropriate -- Logistics Procurement Manager, Clariant Corp. I would like more real life examples of issue reviewed -- Unsigned Critique First seminar on subject.

-- Unsigned Critique Course manual provides valuable information. -- Claims Administration, Briggs & Stratton Corporation A lot of new subjects, but think having the legal background on the topics will make a difference on a day to day basis in my job.

-- Business Manager Domestic Freight, Superior Foods Will be able to read contracts and understand them based on the course providing frame of reference and examples. -- Operations Compliance, Celadon Logistics Contracts lumper charges -- Director of Transportation, Kuna Foodservice Incorporation by reference; waiver; precedence.

-- Manager, Modern Business Service Systems I was hoping to learn new info about laws & norms & I am happy to say I did -- Agency Owner, Giltner Logistic Services Inc. This is a refresher course for me; answered some questions.

-- Logistics Operations Manager, Transport Logistics Lots of good info/subject matter -- President, Taylor Logistics Good overview --- covered enough to understand -- CIO, FLS Transportation Services Several topics are applicable to my company, and a few items uncovered exposure we may have --- very helpful -- VP, Capacity Management, ABF Logistics I will discuss with employees the coercion regulations -- Strategic Transportation Manager, Kap Stone Paper To check if we do not allow tariffs in our carrier contracts -- Director-Sales Operations, FLS Transportation Services LTD Clarification on coercion rules -- Vice President, ARPCO Transport Services Explanation of freight forwarder was very helpful -- Logistics Analyst, Bel Brands USA Just when I think I understand at least a good portion of it, I realize that I dont -- Claims Specialist, Perimeter Global Logistics Very Informative -- Strategic Sourcing Analyst, Lennox International Inc.

Will take back lessons learned on broker-carrier safety ratings & negligent hiring of carriers -- Staff Attorney, Crane Worldwide Logistics Regulations regarding lumpers & unloading services -- Dispatch Manager, H & M Bay, Inc.

Reviewing LTL carrier BOLs closer & confirming NMFC Classifications & Class are as they should be -- Logistics Manager, Orion Engineered Carbons, LLC Better implement carrier selection @ my company.

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-- Strategic Transportation Manager, Kap Stone Paper Good enjoyed this session -- VP Logistics, Universal Logistics Holdings, Inc. Would be great for more medium to advanced -- Claims Manager, FLS Transportation Services LTD Very good; heavy in content -- Director-Sales Operations, FLS Transportation Services LTD Very informative and broad coverage of industry regulations -- Vice President, ARPCO Transport Services Pretty decent. Not as helpful for carriers Love that it [the Power Point] was printed w/room to take notes as you follow along -- Claims Manager, Universal Logistics Holdings, Inc. Average -- Director Sourcing, Penske Logistics Very useful information -- Deputy General Counsel, Great West Casualty Company Positive.

Presenter is clearly a field expert; loved his commentary beyond just presenting material.

-- Chief Operating Officer, TBS Factoring Service Several important items -- VP, Capacity Sourcing, Arc Best Will review with brokers -- President, Taylor Logistics As a broker, wording & policy lines will be changed & strengthened -- Agency Owner, Giltner Logistic Services Inc.

Interesting, but needed more examples to understand.

Wanted more on parcel claims -- Unsigned Critique Very informative -- Unsigned Critique Six attendees: Very good information of which seemingly many in the transportation industry are unaware Excellent knowledge of transportation law --- always educational to listen to Mr.

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