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A post that we made here on Friday afternoon regarding Sammy Sosa’s shockingly white appearance (hat tip again to Jimmy Traina) kicked off a flurry of activity around the web (for example: here, here, and here) and rightfully so. It’s been a while since Sammy Sosa has been in the public eye, and we all remember a much darker version of him than what we are seeing in this current pictures.

I am not posting this as an explicit endorsement of the idea, but rather because I found it interesting and thought you might too.

Note 11/9: There has been a lot of traffic to this post and some very insightful and informed comments posted.

Make sure you read the comments and take into account the fact that I’m not a doctor, but just an interested observer looking for explanations and trying to address the questions/comments I’m getting and reading.

According to Quantcast, get around 125K visitors per month.

Not too shabby, especially when the discussions center around activities that are, for the most part, illegal.

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