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"I have a biochemistry degree, so I don't trust, I don't believe that."Eight-year-old Nate Soderlund misses his house."I've been nauseous.I've felt lethargic," said his mother Christine Soderlund.

The gas company says there will be no long-term health effects, but the Davises don't believe them."No," Nancy Davis said.Major repairs for leaks and failed valves climbed from three in 2008 to nine in 2013, the utility executive, Phillip Baker, told regulators."The possibility of a well-related incident still exists, given the age of the wells and their heavy utilization," Baker warned California's Public Utility Commission, in written testimony.At the time, the utility was asking regulators for rate increases to pay for stepped-up repairs at Aliso Canyon and its three smaller fields.A spokeswoman said it plans to shut down 18 similar wells in the field for aggressive inspection.While some states now require casings to be fully lined with cement, no such regulations are in place in California.

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    I don’t dare speak ill of Eva Mozes Kor whose story went viral last month. Eva, now 83, survived the hell of Auschwitz and the notorious Nazi doctor Josef Mengele who carried out excruciatingly horrible “medical experiments” on inmates who had the dubious distinction of being twins.

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    AUSTRALIAN Olympic preparations were shaken by a typhoon that struck here late on Tuesday bringing rain and high winds and shutting down much of the island.