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For this month we planned a dinner and a Speed Friendshipping Activity. Of course any activity/party needs to start with a pretty invitation and we had one!

I have a really talented committee member who makes all our great invites for us! We served Cafe Rio Sweet Pork Salad with all the trimmings!

Although I miss my Activity Day Girls I am loving getting to know the grown up sisters in our ward better! Food, family and friends are three of my favorite things.

I love sharing easy, delicious recipes and entertaining ideas that everyone will love.

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Even with new browsers and security technology aimed at reducing or eliminating annoying pop-up ads, it seems that a few still manage to slip by on occasion.

Costumes are not required, but we recommend wearing one—you know, to fully embrace the Dark Side and all that.

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We usually have one activity a month which is focused on the sister’s getting to know each other better, having a good time together and learning something new. I have a great committee that works with me and helps carry out the activities.Several months ago I got a new job at church or we call it a calling.I am no longer the Activity Day leader, a job/calling I had for two years and dearly loved.Pop-up ads often appear to be standard message boxes which users of Microsoft Windows operating systems are used to seeing.They typically contain a short message or alert of some sort and have a button or buttons at the bottom.

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