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Other chat rooms open just fine, so it seems to be because of the separate window.

I was just on it yesterday so I don't know what could have caused the issue. I click on the room, type my nickname, hit enter, it opens the separate window, but then it tries to download a swf file and the window remains blank.

More important, a page with a well designed and thoughtfully implemented popup converts better than one with an ugly popup.

With Popup plugin by Supsystic you can customize the popup according to your needs and not only this.

Yeah indeed, it's an trial an error phase to find what is causing it, but you seem generally compentent so i'm sure you'll figure it out.

I think IE is utterly ****e, but i cant say i like chrome either Everyones got their own preference i guess.

So we decided to make something helpful, easy, well-designed and user-friendly – Pop Up plugin by Supsystic.Intuitive understandable buttons for changing and clicking are clear.Popup by Supsystic includes tons of cool options available to you!More details about this, including solutions are provided on the Installation section pages.= Home Page = For online site demos, detailed software requirements, installation and setup instructions see plugin homepage:

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