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use MSSQLTips go create table tbl Trigger Test ( pk ID integer Identity(1,1) primary key, Order Approval Date Time datetime, Order Status varchar(20) ) insert into tbl Trigger Test values (NULL, 'Pending') insert into tbl Trigger Test values (NULL, 'Pending') insert into tbl Trigger Test values (NULL, 'Pending') select * from tbl Trigger Test go create trigger tr Trigger Test on tbl Trigger Test after update as begin set nocount on; update tbl Trigger Test set Order Approval Date Time=getdate() from tbl Trigger Test t inner join inserted i on ID=ID and i.

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Notice above that only the first row had its Order Approval Date Time set to the current date, which is our desired behavior.

If specified, the trigger fires whenever occurs in the current database.

ALL SERVER Applies to: SQL Server 2008 through SQL Server 2017.

DML events are INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements on a table or view.

These triggers fire when any valid event is fired, regardless of whether or not any table rows are affected. DDL triggers execute in response to a variety of data definition language (DDL) events.

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