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He recorded a singles track like ‘Holla at Me’ and ‘Born-N-Raised’ in debut album of Terror Squad and DJ Khaled named Listennn… The Boatlift’ was launched in November 2007 that contained the tracks in single and collaboration version.

Through Fernandez, he was introduced to Lil Jon who offered Pitbull a track in his album Kings of Crunk. He united with Eminem and 50 Cent for 2000 hip-hop concert trip, Anger Management Tour.

Pitbull founded Bad Boy Latino label along with rapper Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs in 2005.

He came with his second album ‘El Mariel’ on 31 October 2006 dedicated to his late father.

Yes, and it depends on if there's a problem with the Dog.

If the Dog bites, and that person sues you, and that Dog is excluded from your Policy, then the ball's in your court. (ouch) On the other hand, if it's not excluded, then you're probably fine.

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