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You answered it as if it were any other question about company policies, rather than the gross, out-of-line statement that it was. ” followed by, “I’m having trouble understanding this question as anything other than wildly inappropriate.” Followed by keeping a really close eye on him, because someone who does this is usually someone who’s going to have loads of other problems too (as you saw later that day).

I don’t blame you for that; it’s hard to have a perfect answer in the moment when you’re so taken off-guard. Frankly, it’s so wildly inappropriate and indicative of other likely problems that it also wouldn’t have been unwarranted to revisit the question of whether you’d made the right hire (had he not taken care of that for you a few hours later). I don’t want to be a reference for my lazy acquaintance I’m finding myself in between a rock and hard place.

The one that really threw me off was gym membership. (Unless you were a personal trainer or something else relevant.) No, that’s totally weird.

Some employers offer subsidized or discounted gym membership as part of their benefits package, but they either offer it or they don’t; it’s not the sort of thing people generally negotiate individually for themselves. If I told an interviewer that my biggest weakness during an interview is that I am very hard on myself and I continue to feel like I can do a better job and continue to strive for better performance of myself in my career, how would that come across during an interview?

I’m optimistic about my chances, and expect a job offer in the next week or so if things continue to go well.

I guess the saving grace of this is that he only lasted for another four hours and then quit because the job turned out to be “more physically demanding than he expected.” But what would be your advice for handling a situation with an employee who shows a red flag right after the hiring process is completed?

Make it clearer in the moment that the question is wildly inappropriate.

In short, she did not take advantage of the learning opportunity and was, in general, an ineffective employee.

Now that I have a new full-time job, I find myself lying to her when she asks if I have any prospects or know of any job openings.

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