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I have volunteered before and been stuck with a bunch of 60 year old men or only with women who are married and have children.

Just because its something I like doing doesn't mean that I'll meet women with the criteria I'm looking for there.

If you still like children, I volunteer with big brothers and sisters.

Most of the programs don't involve a ton of adult interaction however in my area we have a wait list program (little boys are in the program about 2 years before they find a man to be matched with and we have activities for them so they still benefit while they wait) Typically there are 5 - 10 adults with about 30 -50 kids with the breakdown being mostly little boys and adult women 20 - 40 or so...

Contrary to popular belief, it's not a bunch of crazy old women!! In the spring when I can tolerate being outside again, I want to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. I worked in education dept first, then moved to great ape guide and great ape keeper assistant. Not only are you likely to provide better service this way and meet someone like-minded, but if you choose based solely on what you think is the best place to meet women and can't work up any enthusiasm for the job, any women there are likely to figure out what you're up to and be really turned off by it. You volunteer because you want to help a cause that means something to YOU.

Volunteer at a Women's Crisis Center; it's guaranteed that you'll be surrounded by desperate women. People, or animals, or organizations that need help don't want some guy hanging around trying to get a date on their time.Also indicate any special contributions, talents, honors and abilities in these or other areas.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Leave the ulterior motive behind for a moment and think about what type of volunteerism is best for you. Of course, not every cause is for everyone which is where I think so many people go wrong when looking for volunteer work.When I was young, I started volunteering for an organization aimed at helping certain victimized individuals and only ended up feeling disgust and disdain for the people I was supposed to be helping.

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