Paul jehle dating vs courtship

Samson is a sad example of a man with a dating spirit, reaping its disastrous consequences (Judges 14-16).Dating became the norm in Western culture only in the twentieth century, particularly during "the roaring 20's." Secular historian Ellen Rothman in Hand and Hearts - A History of Courtship has noted: A first-class revolt against the accepted American order took place among American youth in the 1920s.Yet the most dangerous, misguided and ruinous activity that I ever undertook in my life was dating! And Christians have thoughtlessly followed the Pied Pipers of our culture.It was amazing to me how blind we Christians have been regarding the danger of dating. More recently many godly Christians - especially in the home schooling movement - have begun to wake up to the dangers of dating and wisely ask, is dating consistent with the principles of scriptural romance?(P.289)In his penetrating book Christian Courtship vs The Dating Game, Pastor Jim West concurs."The phenomenon of dating is a relatively new institution in the United States.This was not a sudden eruption, but rather a series of seismic tremors that occurred with increasing intensity and frequency through the 1910s and 1920s.By 1930, the terrain through which young Americans passed en route to marriage would be almost unrecognizable to their parents.

So we have previously pointed out the solid foundation of dating's scriptural alternative Biblical betrothal.Prior to 1920, courtship laws included rigid supervision of the female.Courtship was not entered upon unless parents were first consulted and their approval secured." (P.4).Understanding dating's distinguishing characteristics, you may wonder how such a destructive activity ever developed. Let's take a moment, then, to briefly review dating's history.In Scripture, dating was an exception and violation of God's design for man-women relationships.

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