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The village Mullah or priest or an old pious man performs the first important ceremony in the child’s life.

The expectant mother is kept secluded and only an old woman proficient in midwifery or one or two female relatives are allowed to attend to her.

The second important ceremony in a child's life is Sar Kalai or hair cutting.

When the child is about 40 days old, a village barber shaves his or her hairs. This event is also celebrated with the slaughter of a goat or sheep for guests.

A pious woman, preferably mother of several sons, administers this liquid compound to the child.

Within seven days of the birth, the child is named (noom shovana) as Ayub, Ali, Ishaq, Yaqoob, Aisha, Fatima etc as the custom of naming children after the Prophets, particularly Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and his companions, is very common. The infant is wrapped in swaddling clothes with his hands tied to his body.

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