Parent teacher dating policy

Turns out I’m one of those moms: the friendly type who wants her child’s teacher to like her, but who actually makes the job difficult by neglecting to meet a simple request.

I’m not alone either: There are hordes of parents out there who inadvertently annoy their children’s teachers.

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“She insisted she had the right to stop there and went ballistic, calling the teacher on duty every name in the book in front of students and parents,” she says.

“When parents socialize with me during drop-off, it’s transition time and one of the most difficult periods of the day—often I’ll have 15 kids waiting for my attention,” says Jennifer Sullivan,* a teacher at a Toronto school.

“There are some moms I really love, but I don’t have time to schmooze.

Similarly, Sweeny is surprised by the number of parents who completely dismiss the school’s safety policies. Stop sniping about summer Do not tell your child’s teacher, “Must be nice to have had the summer off!

She says doors remained locked during the day and visitors need to buzz in, then sign in and get a badge from the office before they’re allowed in the hallways. But there are always parents—often they’re on the board or volunteers with a sense of entitlement—who sneak in behind students, then stand outside the classroom waiting to give their child a forgotten lunch. ” Instead, try something like “I hope you’re refreshed and ready for 10 months of go, go, go!

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