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There is some disagreement over whether certain terms are or are not euphemisms.For example, sometimes the phrase visually impaired is labeled as a politically correct euphemism for blind or a blind person.However, visual impairment can be a broader term, including, for example, people who have partial sight in one eye, those with uncorrectable mild to moderate poor vision, or even those who wear glasses, groups that would be excluded by the word blind.Expressions or words from a foreign language may be imported for use as a replacement for an offensive word.As early as 1939, Nazi official Reinhard Heydrich used the term Sonderbehandlung ("special treatment") to mean summary execution (most likely by hanging) of persons viewed as "disciplinary problems" by the Nazis even before commencing the systematic extermination of the Jews.Heinrich Himmler, aware that the word had come to be known to mean murder, replaced that euphemism with one in which Jews would be "guided" (to their deaths) through the slave-labor and extermination camps after having been "evacuated" to their doom.This is where our amateur cam girls will let you direct the hot webcam sex action.

This practice of word substitution became so frequent that the expression "pardon my French " was adopted in attempts to excuse the use of profanity. Periphrasis, or circumlocution, is one of the most common: to "speak around" a given word, implying it without saying it.

For example, in the past, the US military used the term "sunshine units" for contamination by radioactive isotopes.

An effective death sentence in the Soviet Union during the Great Purge often used the clause "imprisonment without right to correspondence": the person sentenced never had a chance to correspond with anyone because soon after imprisonment he would be shot.

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