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Married women behave as though a bug has injected them with an inflated ego, causing them to be extremely obnoxious to others, especially singles. When my former classmate got married, I was single and struggling with a string of failed relationships.Whenever I’d tell her about a new guy, she’d throw in tidbits of her husband’s awesomeness.She’d unleash advice as though she invented love and everything about it.If I told her my boyfriend gave me a dozen roses, she’d tell me that her husband gave her dozens.

All other times were dedicated to quality time with her husband.We understand that looking for love can be a nerve wracking process and that’s why we’re here to help.Our smart profiling system is designed to help users meet fellow singles with similar ambitions and values.We’ve all had our share of negative experiences and many of us have been hurt in the past, but your new relationships are all about the future and should be approached with that in mind.A 2003 study by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) found that for both male and female singles aged 55 one of the biggest problems faced when dating was “dating partners with a lot of baggage”.

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