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Then make sure your gadget has a 3G, 4G or Wi Fi nework and you can stay in touch with your friends at all times.There are many call and messaging app available on app store and Play app but just few of them are unique; other free video calling and instant messaging apps like Oovoo, imo, Snapchat, viber, Whatsapp are the most trending ones but the most used and preferred is Oovoo app.You can create a Video Message in Oovoo as simple as hitting the red Record button.I am not sure how they intend on monetizing the application as it seems to still be in beta right now but they do have a webcam store with some good quality cam links so you can upgrade your video experience and quality.Promising to maximize the video chatting experience, oo Voo uses Superclear™ technology to deliver the highest quality picture and sound for users of the popular app.

This guide is for both the cases on how to use when you have to download Oovoo app or how to use Oovoo without downloading Oovoo app. share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google and so on.I just came across this slick group video chat application called oo You can have webcam meetings with up to 6 people with high resolution video.These are the steps; ALSO SEE : How To Download And Use Viber App Kindly leave a comment below if this post on how to set up oovoo with out downloading the app was helpful. The Short Version: Long-distance relationships can often be difficult, but video chatting through oo Voo helps couples feel closer, even if they’re an ocean apart.

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