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In the span of 15 hours Tay referred to feminism as a "cult" and a "cancer," as well as noting "gender equality = feminism" and "i love feminism now." Tweeting "Bruce Jenner" at the bot got similar mixed response, ranging from "caitlyn jenner is a hero & is a stunning, beautiful woman!" to the transphobic "caitlyn jenner isn't a real woman yet she won woman of the year? Threatened disclosure of their lesbian essence it will be submissive. By the way you’re the fifth girl who tries to fuck her. - Do not ernichayu Alisa I understand the difficulties. The company starting cleaning up Tay's timeline this morning, deleting many of its most offensive remarks.It's a joke, obviously, but there are serious questions to answer, like how are we going to teach AI using public data without incorporating the worst traits of humanity?"), before it replied to the question "is Ricky Gervais an atheist?

There are plenty of examples of technology embodying — either accidentally or on purpose — the prejudices of society, and Tay's adventures on Twitter show that even big corporations like Microsoft forget to take any preventative measures against these problems.) we can see that many of the bot's nastiest utterances have simply been the result of copying users.If you tell Tay to "repeat after me," it will — allowing anybody to put words in the chatbot's mouth.We're making some adjustments to Tay." Update March 24th, AM ET: Updated to note that Microsoft has been deleting some of Tay's offensive tweets.Update March 24th, AM ET: Updated to include Microsoft's statement.

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    She further noted that among her South Asian peers she received far more stigmatizing attention for "only dating Black" than did those who only dated white.