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This is the first ever Ranfurly Shield side, the Shield presented to Auckland after an unbeaten season in which they defeated Canterbury Wellington & Taranaki.The photo is mounted on a printed card surround bearing players names and the record for the season.

A team photograph by Louden of Hamilton of the South Auckland team.

Ref: Pacific Coast Grizzlies v Auckland February 19th 1984 presentation memento.

We believe this plaque was presented to the Auckland team during their tour of the Northern Hemisphere in 1984.

The players featured on the photo are as follows: A wilson, R Mc Duff, W E Mc Kenzie, Bispham, E Nicholson, W Cunningham, P Long, W Harrison, G Tyler, H Kiernan (captain), A Asher, W doran, P Gerrard, J Laing, HD Thompson & R Mc Gregor.

The photo is framed & glazed in what we believe is an original frame dating from the period, the total size including the frame is 26" x 21" (68 x 53cm) Ref: D-R9-phnz-auckland.1902 - 250.00 We are selling the photograph collection of a private museum in Auckland, New Zealand.

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