Old people dating younger people

Guys who think ALL women can be manipulated are NOT smart. MOST (not all) men that are my age do not satisfy me intellectually.Changing your age limit might keep some of the old farts away, but not all of them. There are some exceptions to this statement however.She eventually did 7 years in prison (for having 2 daughters by him when he was capable), got branded for life as a "sex predator" -- and married him last year in front of 300 people...

I do not and would not feel comfortable dating them though. its ok as long as both people involved are adults.. My last three g/f's were at least 10 years older than I.

I'm not interested in a relationship at this point anyhow. I just can't stand when a man who is much older than I am tries to convince me that he is "the one" for me regardless of his age.

When I try to tell them that I am only here for friends and would enjoy their company they lash out at me and call me a prude.

I just don't understand why, when there is such a huge age range, for example 30-40 years, that people, either men or women, find that it is appropriate.

To me the farther apart you are in age with a person, the less in common you have.

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