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There are some things to do like adventure parks and Mango Square for nightlife, but it just seems like there should be more here.And it seems like 90% of the good restaurants in the city are at Ayala Center and IT park. The last one is more of a Philippines thing then a Cebu thing but the price for apartments and hotels is way too high, particularly if you want to be near the center of the city.Cebu is actually very easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.It didn’t take me long to learn most of the jeepney routes and you can get all around the city for so cheap.There are some tourists here but not nearly as many as you will find in some other major Asian cities.Because of the lack of westerners the girls who like them are starved for attention, so they all go online to the dating sites.I know many people who have come for a week and not really liked it, but I bet if they moved here after a month they would love living in Cebu. There’s an entire forum devoted to living in Cebu, check it out here.

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Good luck being in Manila and asking a girl to take a jeepney to your place, if she isn’t from that area she will have no clue how to get there.

But living in Cebu you can give her simple and easy directions that she can follow to get to you.

It is just a very laid back city despite its big size.

You would get twice the value anywhere in Thailand as you will get in Cebu or most anywhere in Phils.

Overall Cebu is great place, but I think it is a much better place to live then it is to take a vacation to.

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