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and before leaving for £ng Utxl, In 19)7, distinguished himself as a scholar at the Royal Military college of Canada, Kings- ton, been posted In convenient downtown of Bce.s Thef* lists may be found in the following traces: Both Colon Lst snd Tlme.^ newspaper of- fices, all bank.s, municipal halls, the Citv Hall, the Roval Tru.s' Com- pany.Ltd., the Hud- son's Bay Company, and the hospital iteelf.The Red Cross arc doing our work lydyrt and 'minei m the inferno over there.Per haps you can spare some more thingg f or w to tt N.hanging by a thread since Rusala's Bes Aarabian gri^b.of wiilch anti-aircraft guns accounted for three, the fighter ptanea eighteen and a reconnal.s.sance aircraft of the coastal 7ommand one The Germans carrigd out a late- night raid on the South Coast, with about twenty planes which were kept at a great height by heavy antl-air- craf* fire Their bombs demolished a number of workmen's houses.fthl/tlni to' south weat; mostly ftlr and moderataly warm.On our researches we see doesn't get any visitor from search engines but we think this website is getting visitors directly.


Charles Pratt, of Vaneouver, was killed Sunday Tliey were battling a fire Lhreatenuig to engulf the Wisconsin Mine, when changing winds yesterday fwept the fire around them.

*' pe Ma t JT was not n ilimg or not sttt to bring bad land into a proper atate of cultivation.


— Auto- mobile dealers with cars 00 tlheir hands when~ the budget was brought down on June 34 will be relieved of the full tax on new cars by an amendment moved tn ti M House of Common.'; tonight, whldt fixed a flat tax on such cars at 10 per cent.

The Minister said there had been numerous rcprrsen behalf of 'dealers who had high- priced ears on hand when the budget 'v.'- b:o';t.'l:t down WULL1 LXIt.

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