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Twelve years ago, Rollins initiated wrestling and became the winner of SCW heavyweight tournament.

He was not able to hold his happiness on his first victory and painted the belt with the black color to spot ‘Black Era of SCW’.

He has adapted his surname Lopez of his step-father who was of Mexican-African descent.

During his teenage years, he was a shy person and was fascinated by music.

In the same year, he enrolled in NWA Midwest and won the promotion’s Tag Team event.

Rose, wrestling as the masked Executioner, lost to Tito Santana in the opening match of the inaugural Wrestle Mania.He competed in a six-man tag team bout pitting himself, Colonel De Beers and Bob Orton Jr.against Jimmy Valiant, Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka.Rose and Doug Somers engaged in a feud with the Midnight Rockers over the AWA World tag team title in 19. Rose had another run in the WWF from 1990 to early 1991.Having gained a large amount of weight, he turned this into a comical gimmick dating back to his AWA days.

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