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There’s a real cartoon show from South Korea about a polar bear named Bernard, but this isn’t totally related.The meme is basically fake and spread only in hopes that people will fall for it.Cuck Short for "cuckold," or a person who watches someone have sex with their significant other.It's the most common insult among the online far-right.Centipedes A self-adopted term for some Trump supporters.It’s a reference to a You Tube series called "Can't Stump the Trump" that mashed up footage of President Trump in a Republican debate with audio from a nature documentary about a centipede killing a tarantula.

Discord A popular chat application for far-right groups.

Once the tactic was exposed, some Jews and non-Jews started adding them to their own Twitter usernames as a way to subvert the practice and make it less powerful.

#Anime Right Alt-righters who use anime avatars on Twitter and other online spaces.

Bogpilled To become aware ("pilled," a term derived from "redpilled," described below) of the Bogdanoff brothers.

This is extremely jokey and ironic, and involves pretending that Donald Trump alluded to the conspiracy when he said the phrase "bogged down in conflict all over the place" in a speech.

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