Non drinker dating sites

She just assumed that I was judging her even when I didn't say anything bad to her. I think this could also be a non-smoker thread as well.

Oh, and since I changed my mind far too late on including the word smoker, the drinking and smoking parts could be interchangeable here.

They were always kind of douchey, and fuck them for getting totally shitfaced 60 miles away from home (because you gotta party before you're locked down to the ball and chain, bro! I'm just glad they didn't take anyone else out when they careened off the highway.So when the bartender requests your order, you ask for a whiskey and coke ...while your date orders a ginger ale, plain and simple."I'm not in AA," he says.I don't smoke because my mom was a nurse and because I'm a cheapskate.I don't drink because I'm a cheapskate, and getting drunk doesn't actually make me feel good.

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