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Not that she minded, the location that was showing the access was on the Fifth Street location and at this time of the evening, it would be her nephew, once removed, Trey. Trey has been working the closing shift there for the last two years, while he went to University, as a favour from her ex-husband to her cousin.While the divorce happened, and she had barely spoken to her cousin, she had seen no reason to punish Trey for other people's mistakes. Barely taller than Kristina herself, with a slender build a mop of brown hair, he had reliably been closing the store five nights a week for the past two years while paying his own expenses during University.Her experiences with how easy it was to find men willing to recorded and how liberating and amazing it felt led her down the path of a dominatrix.She found herself intoxicated by the pleasure she received from these men willing to pay her to enjoy herself.She wanted to change that unwillingness, using any method she had.-As usual, things happen when and why we are least expecting them.One evening, after a particularly pleasant session with a client whose dick she hadn't let out of chastity in weeks, Kristina's i Phone vibrates on the table, as her client leaves.

Her husband had always been sensitive of his dick's proportions.A barely average five inches, with just enough girth to not be considered skinny.At five-foot-six with a light skin tone, neck length dirty blonde hair and a pair of larger sized C-cup breasts followed by a relatively toned but soft body she found it relatively easy to locate men with significantly larger cocks than her husband's.She trusted him, and rarely gave him a thought, she was much too focused on her own activities.Shrugging, she figured she would need to tweak the settings, today was the first day it had been installed at this location.

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