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The Young Money queen took to Twitter to tease Barbz about an upcoming world tour, which will include a Citibank pre-sale. S., she explained that the pre-sale would only last a few days.

“if u miss it, don’t be mad at Chun,” she later wrote. Chun gave u ALLLL the time in the world.” She also said she was leaning towards meet-and-greets.

Nicki certainly gave her 86.3 million Instagram followers a show they won’t soon forget, and the comments were going wild with shoutouts from fans to their “bae,” “queen,” and “goddess.” “But I’m still droppin jaws. #Ball For Me BTS of the #Chun Li video,” she wrote on the caption. When you click on the link in my bio, you’ll see me with my new baby @thealiyajanell who I saw dancing to itty bitty piggy one day & fell in love with her. The REAL #Chun Li video DOES NOT look like what you’ll see when you click the link!!!! Nicki Minaj, a friend to Muva, wrote back, “Amber stop frontin’, just seen you @ Coachella. Knock it off.” She followed up her comment with three laughing face emojis.

Check out the series of photos featuring Nicki Minaj’s bodacious body — and booty! But after 2 days of filming, around 5am when my whole team & crew were TIRED AF, I asked her to FREESTYLE with me & this is what happened. Amber saw the volley and sent it back to Nicki, telling her that she “had her number” if she was interested in finishing this conversation in the bedroom.

I felt so imprisoned in that moment." Minaj went on to note that, after a troubling time for all involved, the two gentlemen have since squashed their beef. I was behind the scenes, wishing it wouldn't happen," she said.

"I said, ' Don't do that.' I think, as artists, we all look back on things that we shouldn't have done.

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In the interview, Minaj also said that she felt trapped between her close friend and fellow Young Money rapper Drake and her then boyfriend Meek Mill during their feud, calling it "one of the hardest times of [her] career," adding, "At the time, I did love both of them...

The ones at the tour will be elevated to Team Minaj ELITE.

“But pls don’t hold me to it.” All ima say is this tour is 🦄😻🤭😲💦⬆️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽👌🏽 and if u miss it, don’t be mad at Chun.

But that doesn't mean it's all love between the two New York City rappers. I would only be singing their praises and saying thank you," Minaj said of the female rappers who came before her, according to , seemingly implying that Cardi hadn't shown that same respect to her.

"The first interview [Cardi] did, it just hurt me because she looked so aggravated and angry.

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