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Einstein happily obliged, making Mileva's support of his research public, and thus prompting the United States government to safeguard them both.Nate listened to Einstein's speech with wonder and adoration, barely able to believe that they changed history for the better.Oliver was easily convinced by Nate's arguments about the changed timeline, with a nuked New York City and arranged for a submarine to lower himself as well as Dr. The two woke Mick Rory from stasis, apprehending him when the Legends member instinctively attacked the newcomers, but was quickly subdued by Oliver.Mick confirmed Nate's findings and suspicion and, on Oliver's advice, the two decided to travel through time and gather the Legends members that have been scattered throughout time, due to the ship's emergency function before it was hit by a nuke in 1942.As Nate was ready to leave the premises along with the other Legends, they were halted by the Justice Society of America members.

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They infiltrated the nightclub where the JSA's target, a nazi named Krieger was arranging an exchange.Reacting on her Instagram page, Kelly wrote: 'There's a famous saying "critics are the ones that know the way, but can't drive the car" as much as we need them and I understand their job is to dissect and analyse.''It's really you people that matter,' she continued.'That's why as performers we keep going and do what we do.Sara then learned that Nate had hemophilia meaning that his blood didn't clot normally and that was why he was sheltered his whole life but Nate refused to back down because he finally felt alive.He then visited his grandfather and wondered why the man seemed to be shutting him out and he revealed that his hero worship of him frightened him as he did what he did so others, like him, didn't have to.

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