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The first part focused on Springfield’s then ; the Ozark Jubilee, the first television show to broadcast country music across America.

Of course this was before endless e-mails and texts.

Lou recorded more than 1,000 bands in his lifetime.

I learned a lot about American music from visiting Springfield. Through Lou, Donnie Thompson and the late Lloyd Hicks, I learned how the Springfield based Wayne Carson wrote the hits “The Letter,” “Always On My Mind” and those great Gary Stewart drinking songs like “She’s Acting Single (I’m Drinking Doubles)” out of Springfield.

Blackie had threatened Tail Dragger with a knife and according to 1993 court records, Tail Dragger testified that he shot Blackie in self defense. He served 17 months and three days of a four-year sentence. The highlight of the hour-long set was when Tail Dragger removed his trademark cowboy hat and sang his hit “My Head is Bald.” The bald and lean blues singer walked towards inmates who sat on bleachers.

He was accompanied by long time compatriot Martin Lang on harmonica, Kevin Shanahan on guitar, James Murphy on bass and Dean Haas on drums.

Tail Dragger, 77, returned to the scene of the time on May 2 when he appeared in a rare concert in the gymnasium of the Mental Health Transition Center at Cook County Jail, 26th and California. There was no other media besides this reporter and a photographer. The audience applauded and howled in playful delight.

It was a timeless memory in a place where time moves slow.

I learned many things from nearly 30 visits to Springfield, Mo. but paramount is the way to live through the spirit of music.

Unfiltered rhythms of life are everywhere in the “Queen City of the Ozarks” ; in the bars, the cars, the art , the photography, the food. Our 90-minute documentary is called “The Center of Nowhere, The Spirit and Sounds of Springfield, Mo.” It premieres May 20 at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

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