Nia dating dk

The actress has attended Paseo Del Rey Elementary School in Playa Del Rey in California from Grade 3 to Grade 6.In 1989, Nia completed her graduation from Westchester High School in Los Angeles.In fact, Sozahdah has shared a rap on social media to vent her intentions with the lyrics: “I really hate this b***h / I won’t take my foot off your neck / You lucky I love your little daughter like I do, do ‘cause we woulda already run the f**k up on you, you.” However, at this point, it is not known why Sozahdah is threatening Guzman and Royalty, but has been court ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from them.

Instead, it is against her former friend, Shakur Sozahdah, who allegedly threatened to kidnap and kill Royalty.

She also says that sometimes, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

"It hasn't been an issue," she said about the time and geographical differences.

Since then, they have fought over the proper way of raising her on social media.

Their squabbles over Royalty have also been featured in the tabloids.

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