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V-CC member Nick Tithecott has a part of the packaging which once contained 2000 "Jackson Rd." transfers; this bears the date December 1922 and may well have been the first batch of formal transfers for the fledgling company.

They were based 39 Landseer Road prior to 1922, when the company moved to 2 Jackson Rd, Holloway, London N7.

The exterior of the shops was also painted brown/red with the name 'MACLEAN' in large gold letters above the windows.

Because the road sloped gently downhill you had to step up into the shop. The original transfer (possibly an "off the peg" design) featured an oval, hatch in blue, grading from dark to light from top left to bottom right.

An article in dated February 26th 1994 refers to several employees - "Robert Badger worked at the shop in Upper Street in Islington and now trades as Roberts Rebuilds in Crouch End.

Pat Hanlon, who later had a shop in Bowes Roadn was their wheelbuilder".

In 1934 they moved a few doors up the road to occupy 362-3 Upper Street, where they remained until the business was wound up in 1962 and passed into the ownership of Holdsworthy Cycles. Sales & Service also at:- 258 High Rd., Tottenham, London N.1 1934-1962 362-3 Upper St., Angel, Islington, London N.1 An early, unillustrated, pre-war catalogue from the 366 Upper St.Inside the shop a range of complete bikes were available which included roadster and touring models from other well-known makers such as Rudge.A wide range of specialist fittings were available from makers such as GB and Airlite.Frames were displayed in the right-hand windows, with accessories and clothing on the left-hand side.The shop was dark inside with brown paint and a long wooden counter covered with fawn lino that extended the full length of the two shops.

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