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In many, if not most, of the corridors around the country where substantial improvements are needed to implement significantly expanded conventional or high-speed rail services, what FRA has defined in the guidance as “Service NEPA” is an essential first step.Service NEPA (which CEQ refers to as programmatic) typically addresses the broader questions relating to the type of service(s) being proposed, including cities and stations served, route alternatives, service levels, types of operations (speed, electric, or diesel powered, etc.), ridership projections, and major infrastructure components.

The purpose of the NEPA process is to ensure that the decision maker is able to determine if the impacts of the proposed action will be significant.Taking a risk-based integrated approach to environmental compliance, EA excels at combining scientific expertise with strong communication skills to facilitate sound decision-making.We are highly experienced at achieving compliance with complex regulatory requirements, negotiating and obtaining environmental permits, and developing systematic processes for quantitatively and qualitatively assessing the potential impacts of proposed projects.Through this experience, we have forged positive relationships with regulatory agencies and key technical staff.Time and time again, this mutual respect between regulatory agencies and EAs staff has facilitated successful outcomes for our clients.

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