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When men of other races find black women attractive what is attractive about them? What type of black women are most likely to be wanted by men of different races?

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After dealing with the stressful activities of her nursing job, she was planning to tell Patrick about her decision to go natural and big chop during dinner that night. She had been reading interviews of other women who had made the decision to go natural – some who transitioned from relaxed to natural hair, others who decided to big chop. She immediately jumped in the car, ordered Chinese food for dinner and headed home.

Throughout their childhoods, growing up, both had mostly been exposed to relaxed hair.

Keisha, who was considered by many to be very pretty, had been relaxed for many years – including the entire time she had known Patrick.

”While it’s impossible for me to speak for all men, that’s never stopped me before.

I think everyone already knows that I’m an advocate for natural hair, so instead of giving my viewpoints, I’ll tell a story.

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