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Walch was nominated for Blockchain Person of the Year for 2016 by Crypto Coins News for her work on the governance of blockchain technologies and her influential article in American Banker arguing that the coders and miners of public blockchains should be treated as fiduciaries.

Prison Uprisings And Slave Labor In Prisons The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC), are a prisoner-led section of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Resistance to prison slavery continues with work stoppages, hunger strikes and other acts of resistance to business as usual.

IWOC believes it will take a mass movement – inside and out – to abolish prison slavery.

Also on the show: There’s nothing new about corporate media owners sacrificing the quality of journalism for profit, but it still feels like turning a new corner when a hometown paper like the Denver Post is taken over by a hedge fund that calls itself a specialist in making money off “distress.” We’ll hear about the protests at the Post and other papers owned by Alden Global Capital, from Corey Hutchins, journalist for the Colorado Independent and Columbia Journalism Review.

And Janine Jackson takes a quick look back at recent press, including Facebook‘s dubious partnership and the Washington Post‘s definition of the “far left.” Lawyers You’ll Like: Attorney Nancy Stearns In 1970, an unusual legal team for the time came together in what would become a landmark case challenging New Yorks restrictive abortion ban. Lefkowitz, and the team consisted of all women, many of whom had just a few years of legal practice.

The Statute further establishes that the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners shall serve as the Redi…

This week on Counter Spin: The Trump administration has announced rules further controlling the reproductive healthcare that women reliant on federally funded family planning programs can receive.

Host Craig Lubow talks with Christian Wade, a member of Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and Karen Miller, a local organizer working on issues of incarceration and policing about organizing prisoners and citizens in support of prisoner’s human rights and more.It's often considered the best party of the year, and it's coming up Friday night. Isolated thunderstorms will be possible this afternoon and early this evening followed by a second wave of storms moving out of central Kansas late tonight.We sure hope you Take 5 to Care and join us for Jazzoo at the Kansas City Zoo. Those storms are forecast to weaken as they approach but an isolated strong storm or two cannot be ruled out.Department of Social Services that resulted in a Supreme Court ruling that municipalities are liable for damages under 42 U. She is a longtime member of the National Lawyers Guild; in fact the Guilds Chapter is honoring Nancy and her exemplary career at its annual Spring Fling on June 8, 2018.We are most honored to have Nancy with us to discuss some of the many textbook-worthy cases she has brought on behalf of women and others in the tradition of peoples lawyering.

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