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They make you answer questions like “What are you doing with your life? It’s like creating a resume on a database where recruiters can find out about you and your skills, but instead of being a job candidate, you’re a candidate for a date.After uploading your most flattering photos from last year when your hair actually looked nice and shiny and showcasing your wit (And maybe exaggerating a little bit) through your profile, you answer a bunch of survey questions that range from the trivial (“How often do you shower? After you mark your answer, you mark down what your ideal partner would say, and that helps aggravate OKCupid’s mystery formula in building your matches.I’ve developed a lot of great friendships through networking on the Web, and now have some wonderful folks to hang out with at concerts.But that’s another story for another day: I’m here to talk about meeting your one true love on the Interwebs! Besides, why would you pay a fee for something so useless?Hey, I just needed to make sure I’m innocent enough according to societal standards!Then when your profile and answers to the survey questions are sufficient enough, you get your matches.He was interested in how I spent my time in LA and we later found out we shared a great love for , which I think is primarily why I was the one who gave him a good rating in the first place.We met up for the first time at a bar the day after Valentine’s Day and ended up going to another bar after that quite spontaneously.

Again, they’re stupid and a little disrespectful (Come on, I don’t think a robot should diagnose me with a mental illness), but it’s another fun and kooky way to pass the time, to learn more about whether you’re the girl next door or the smoldering vixen.

Because e Harmony and force-feed you every day through sidebar ads and commercials that you can! You can just run to your nearest laundromat and pick up a girl there, or bump into that guy walking his dog around the street corner and pretend you didn’t see him just so you can plant that seed of manufactured awkwardness.

But believe it or not, the online dating industry is alive and well and taking advantage of people’s singlehood.

Or if you just want to make sure that cute girl actually checks her profile, you can see if she shows up in the “Last Online in the Past Week” column.

Yes, I do fancy myself a certain type, so I did take advantage of this feature.

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