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The Burmese fishermen said others flung themselves overboard because they saw no escape.

Myint spotted several bloated bodies floating in the water.

He and several other young men quickly put their hands up to go. He was only 18-years-old, with no education or travel experience.

But he kept begging, arguing that he wouldn't be gone long and relatives already working there could look after him.

The captain shouted that everyone on board now belonged to him, using words Myint would never forget: He was panicked and confused.

He thought he would be fishing in Thai waters for only a few months.

He was paid only a month, and sometimes not at all. Anyone who took a break or fell ill was beaten by the Thai captain, who once lobbed a piece of wood at Myint for not moving fish fast enough.

They were whipped with toxic stingray tails, shocked with Taser-like devices and locked in a cage for taking breaks or attempting to flee.

When it comes to recreational activities, there's the beautiful Uppatansanti Pagoda, which is similar in size and shape to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, as well as several parks and gardens, including a water fountain complex that hosts a musical light show each night.So when a fast-talking broker visited the neighborhood three years later with stories of jobs in Thailand, Myint was easily wooed.The agent offered 0 for just a few months of work — enough for some families to survive on for a year.It's risky, but one of the only ways to find a semblance of freedom.For five years, he lived this simple life and tried to erase memories of the horrors at sea.

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