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My life got more complicated, more was expected of me, and as a result I needed to drastically improve my stealth abilities.I was still obsessed with being stealthy (I loved the feeling most of all) but needed something to show for it. I could practice on friends in school all I wanted with little risk. I knew none of these girls I plundered, none of them even knew my name and just as I was about to go off to college, I still had not been laid.All the dates she had, even if they did get lucky or make a good impression- soon fizzled out.She hadn't logged in in several months now after a long string of losers and assholes.

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Any mother I suppose, but my own had definitely captured my attention.

A few had kind of worked out when I was a kid which gave her time to raise me, but they didn't stick around.

She kept in great shape as a result and had an online dating profile.

Jill was leaning over a large trunk of sorts sitting on a desk, her arms digging through a sea of loosely sorted memorabilia. My mom had just found an old photo album while digging through some of my old books. "Oh wow, that was a long time ago." My fingers raised her dress higher exposing the lower part of her butt. I could jack off in complete silence and my orgasms were controlled and discrete. I rubbed my penis up and down her sex in the most innocuous way as she told me about the winding trails. I got so tired from carrying you." She turned the page.

Though my pants looked like jeans, the legs had been shined, thinned, and coated in a silky fabric that felt just as light and smooth as a dress. My mom excitedly showed me a picture of us at the grand canyon. "Tell me about the Grand Canyon Mom." I pressed myself firmly into my mothers backside. "Hey Mom, what's that." I pointed to a small bag deep in the chest.

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