My daughter is dating a felon online dating sites for men and woman

Focus on your daughter and granddaughter so that the chance of an OD leaving you to raise your grandchild is lessened. Most people doing large and/or steady amounts of narcotics usually obtain them shopping, buying off the streets, etc. If he doesnt wake up by himself - and that is what it takes - he will wind up dead or incarcerated after he bottoms out. I would suggest that you focus your energies on your daughter and try and resolve the other feelings. Very soon into the relationship I didn't like him and suspected drug use. Well here we are 3 years later and she has been in a Christian rehab for 8 months.For someone that seems to have a Christian background you might be a little vindictive - dont ya think? Really, wishing that someone would OD is just too much. She was convinced she could "help" him,that he would stop using. She went down with him and now faces felony charges for grand larcency they went into a store and stole things to sell to buy more drugs.She goes to his house (which is shared with his mother, nephew, sister, and a couple of his drug friends) on Saturday night after Mark gets off work and stayed with him through Monday morning for school.Now that school is out, she's not coming home until Tuesday.

You can easily search for these websites by using Google and typing in the appropriate search.

She's academically intelligent, used to be very insightful and had common sense. together a month before her due-date and she still lives with him.

She's only had about 4 good friends who are like her.

Two weeks ago she told me he pushed her off of her bed in the dorm and has pushed her down at least 3 times since. She got fed up with him and started seeing this new guy (Matthew).

Mark is aware of this and has also seen other girls.

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