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In fact, the very concepts of “Europe” and “Christendom” took shape in response to the Islamic invasion, as previously Europe viewed itself as innumerable independent kingdoms.

This was similar to the 13 American colonies having to work together against the king of England, giving birth to the concept of the “united” States.

Persian traveler Abd-Al-Latif Al Baghdadi and Syrian prelate Bar Hebraeus related when Caliph Umar invaded in 641 A.

D., he told his commander Amr bin al-Ass: “Touching the books you mention, if what is written in them agrees with the Qur’an, they are not required; if it disagrees, they are not desired.

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‘So they will be burned.'” When the Islamic conquest cut off the supply of papyrus reeds used for paper in Europe, there was a decline of literacy, beginning of the Dark Ages. As a result, Pope Leo IV began building the wall around the Vatican. D., Muslims Saracen raiders set sail from Sardina with a fleet to invade Rome.

In Egypt, Muslim Caliphs instituted government commissions to seek out the Pharaohs’ tombs for plundering. Paul Outside the Wall Church, desecrating the graves of both St. Pope Leo rallied the cities of Amalfi, Gaeta and Naples to send ships to block the mouth of the Tiber River near Ostia.

A couple of days later, her father brought me a marriage resume.

After looking through her marriage resume, which was quite long, I told the father: “I thought you wanted me […] Continue reading…

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