Msn messenger dating site

It’s so important to use common sense and listen to your instincts.

In contrast, a woman can end up with some weird stalker, pervert or predator of some type. Seriously, I don't want the person to "think about what he's going to say" I think that messenger/videochat is a MUCH better indicator of what he is really like than en email.... I will very rarely exchange more than an email or two with someone before offering/requesting messenger.

It just allows us to discover more quickly if we want to meet.

If someone does not want to use messenger or phone or skype then I start to think that there is something screwy with them as to why they they are reluctant to communicate in real time.

I've had people who have tried to make me use skype instead of msn or facebook chat, but I prefer the other two.. To hear these responses makes me feel so much better cause I noticed many of the scammers use the incorrect grammar.

as long as we can talk I don't get why someone would be insistent on a certain type of messenger.. I remember how they say "I will like to get to you know better".

I don’t like messengers because I like to have the freedom to really think about what I’m reading and responding and I’m not a fast typer. Is the difference between e-mail and messenger that big? I just felt really pressured and also got some red flags on the wording as it sounded too demanding.

When I start receiving emails with pictures of russian models, I start sending pictures of the african actors in the movie "the gods must be crazy", and claiming it is me. If the guy to whom you are chatting/emailing fits more than a few of the following, he may be a scammer:- His photo is attractive (and also not his, of course)- He's either divorced or widowed, and depending on the age group he's targeting, usually with 1 child around 12-13.- He's originally from a country outside the US - they usually pick France, Ireland or Germany.- He describes himself as self-employed or an entrepreneur, or says he has a good job, making from K on up.- He wants to send you a lot of photos of his house, cars, etc.

He responded very positively telling me how much he was interested in getting to know me and then bam he insists I take the time to download yahoo messenger so we can get to know each other better.

The problem is I already indicated that I don’t use any type of messenger and prefer to get to know people through POF e-mail as we are doing right now and/or to meet in person.

This means communicating on her terms and meeting at a time and place of her liking.

There's nothing wrong with suggesting a means of communicatioin but always add something like 'if you are comfortable with it'.

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