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I have no idea, sorry, the best thing I think is to make an appointment with your doctor and ask them, I am sure they will be able to help you. I know just how you feel, It has been 6 months for me, I did fall pregnant but mc at just over 5 weeks, So am sure something is wrong with me!

nothing has happened apart from that and its been 6 months for me.

If a woman uses hormonal IUD, menstrual period may be delayed after removal of the device, causing a delay in fertility regain. Either way I will be happy as long as the baby is born healthy. Also hoping that the fluid the baby had on their kidneys on the last ultrasound has cleared up. So I was thinking, everybody is gone out of this site! I check this site like every few days and I finally thought I was just alone. It's your choice, your body and the decision is all up to you and hubby. A trip to the docs this morning to find out that the pain I have been getting is down to a water infection. Everyone else, i hope all of you get your BFP's soon!! my husband is trying to be super supportive and positive, but so far im just not feelin great. I really appreciate this forum and each of you ladies. I wish you guys all the went to the doc today as I have another neg but still not had a visit from the witch.

A positive of having a girl is that I will be able to use everything that I have already for my 15 month old daughter. I'm quite happy that still, some of you are here... Don't feel bad that you are taking chances away from the other. With strict instructions of rest rest and rest, no walking out in the heat(boy its been hot here) and drink loads.. she just said to keep on trying, test again in 7 days, but i might still not get another full on period for a couple of cycles..

Sassy Stac85, thats fab news, bet by now you have had your 20wk scan, hope all is well. Im already under the consultant at the local hospital because of my daughters growth in later stages of pregnancy. We've decided not to find out the sex of this baby as it will be great surprise at the end of the 40 weeks. Hope theres some halloween pumpkins growing in those tums!!! XOXOXOHi Ladies, I have been trying not to think of getting pregnant, at the hope it will work! All you other girls, i'm still thinking of you & wishing you all lots of Baby dust & sticky beans!! I love already too much because I've waited for that for such a long time, years! Even if he said last time that maybe we should not do the termination, I decided already because I don't want that baby born unwelcomed by the own father. I've been here on this forum for 2 years now and have seen the ladies come in & out of this forum.

Saw my midwife today and was able to hear our lil fump's (its nickname) heartbeat. i am keeping my fingers crossed, and hope that we all get blessed with BFP's this month! I can feel the strong attachment with that baby...because it's my baby, our baby and it is inside of me.

I feel as I am now 37 that doesn't help, and the fact I have has 3 treatments for pre-cancer cells in my cervix, one extra this time around! (not away with work) So fingers and toes and everything is crossed we will have good news this month. Oh and for those ladies with positives (totally off subject) consider MODERN cloth diapers. Im not suppose to get my period for another 2 weeks. hi girls i hope you are all ok, nice to see you back, i have been checking this site for a while and thought you had all left me lol, well still no bfp for me, im on cd25 and 5dpo, i ovulated late this month as was poorly at expected ovulation, but i had my cb digi opk so that was a relief i knew when i was ovulating, fingers crossed for all of you, i had my iud removed 1 yr ago on the 14th oct, and im due on, on the 16th so im hoping that this is my month xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thanks for remembering me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hello ladies, it has been a while since i have written on here, and i see so much has happened. we were sent home with a babydancing schedule, and we FINALLY got a positive from the ovulation tests. My little one is now 5 1/2 weeks and she's such a pleasant baby. I hate to hear the news about your husband after waiting so long. I hope that your husband can see that there is always joy that comes with the miracle of life. but i started spotting a few days ago, so i dont think its gonna happen this month for me. My hubby n I are still having unprotected sex but Im starting to feel cramping every now and then, its been happening for the last couple of days. As for me, I went to the dr and had him do tests to make sure everything is OK, AND working right, and everything is fine. Good luck everyone else who is trying, Its been nearly 8 months for me this time, May go doctors soon to ask if there is anything we can do to help, Just had my 38th birthday so I no time is against me too this time round. Hello ladies Thank you for all your congrats and kind words. we had a scan last week (at 9wks 2days) and saw the little heart beating too I am so happy, but also sooooo worried, its still early days so keeping everything crossed! I am completely devastated at the moment and my heart is breaking into millions of pcs. I want this baby but I don't want to ruin the relationship with him and my family. So girls...lesson learned, must plan this together..only one-sided! Hello Ladies, This is my first time logging on here. He want me to remove it and discussed the disadvantages of having this one. I had it for 10 yrs (2x5yrs) and actually waiting 2 years now...finally, it happened..the decision is still hanging! completely down at the you all baby dust!!!

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