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Še vedno odlično in prav vesela sem, da lahko zares uživam v nosečnosti.Veselim se zadnjega meseca in vseh premikov v mojem trebušku, kot tudi vseh sprememb v mojem telesu.I still feel very good and I feel lucky to be able to really enjoy this pregnancy.I also feel so excited about the last month and all the movements in my belly, as well as the changes in my body. I know it is mostly because of the proteins I need more than before, so I try to eat more legumes and tofu. I eat even more than my husband and he is a big man!" and Kumail responds as a comedian should to such an outrageously stupid question.Ray Romano and Holly Hunter are excellent in the roles of Emily's parents.

So I was forced to take it easy, rest a bit more and because I don’t actually know how to rest, I cleaned the house. Today our next guests are flying in, so I am quite excited about it!The Big Sick is a superbly original romantic comedy/drama based on a true story of Kumail Nanjiani and his now-wife Emily Gardner; they co-wrote the script together. It starts from the premise of the inherent difficulties of interracial, inter-religious relationship between a Pakistani- American comedian and white woman in Chicago who face both the normal difficulties of relationships combined with the pressures of Kumail's overbearing, but loving family who demand that he participate in an arranged marriage to a Pakistani girl. The situation spins out-of-control when Emily becomes extremely ill and Kumail has to deal with her parents.The amazing part of this movie is that it deals with deeply serious complex issues, but does so with humor and grace. Also for those who have interests in muslima Dating, muslim marriage, Muslim matrimonial, Muslim women & men will find their soul mate by choice and not by chance at this muslima site. Anybody can subscribe, We connect you with thousands of (Muslim) women and men internationally looking for Muslim dating and long term relationships. We want to make the site available to every woman and man who seek a partner, friendship or date online.

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