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Cuckolds, wives with bulls, spouses having affairs, and cheating girlfriends/boyfriends past and present. I live in a small part of a quiet country but I'm from a large town.

I've been with a girl (Lisa) since Uni, for just over 7 years.

She refused to give me a goodnight kiss on the cheek when I took her home, until one night I called her up on it.I know her whole family (after 7 years not suprising, since I lived with her immediate family for a year when I first started my new job), and they all love me.Kerry came back some time last year, and left early September and it was like she'd never been away.She walked over to me to ask for help with some problem they were having, and my jaw dropped. I dropped the meal with my GF to help Kerry out with this problem, and was instantly drawn to her.We spent 2 years working alongside each other, flirty banter rolling off our lips like there was no tomorrow and no consequences.

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