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In other words, in the life of my mishpacha, there is much dating, much awareness of the search for each of these young men and women’s bashert.

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For the former, I noted some new data, on my Excel sheet, about what she actually wanted.

they have their references in order and they have given enough thought to dating to actually have committed to paper notions about themselves and about the type of person for whom they are looking.

As well, such candidates regularly use such “arcane” terms as “please” and as “thank-you” and tend to be careful not to engage in loshon hara rechilus.

In short, personal expectations, social reinforcement of not viable values, and a more and more prevalent disregard for the practice of rudimentary civilities make it increasingly difficult for folks to find their mates.

Consider the spitfire young lady who wanted warmth, then rejected a suitor because he affirmed her and did so regularly.

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