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The Washington Wizards evened their first-round series at 2-2 with a 106-98 Game 4 win over the Toronto Raptors on Sunday.Bradley Beal scored 31 points before fouling out, while John Wall finished things off with 27 points and 14 assists to help level the series against the No. The Wizards have now won eight straight playoff games at home dating back to last season.In fact, women will become ADDICTED to you if you can do this, because emotions are addictive, and the more you can give her, the more she will become obsessed with you.This is when a woman doesn't just want you, but wants you BAD!Basically, what this is, is that you adopt the mentality that there IS a party going on, a GREAT PARTY in fact, and that you are the CENTER of this party!And you do this no matter what the heck is “really” going on- you behave like everyone around you is VISITING this party or has just arrived.You could get away with more sexual comments, you could make fun of anything, you could make any joke, you could SAY anything, if you are really FEEELING THIS PARTY VIBE.The key to making this work, is to not even leave your ROOM or the house or building until you have gotten yourself into this PARTY state of mind.

Considering the Raptors are 36-7 at home this year, they remain in good shape going forward in this series.And, you behave as if they are all super-friendly and admirers of you- wishing that you would chat them up too, in addition to all the other cool people who you were chatting to before them.This means ANYWHERE you are, you now have the LICENSE to do all kinds of fun playful and even risqué stuff, because it’s all perfectly fine in the name of the PARTY.De Rozan did everything he could to keep Toronto alive, making shots from all over the floor: That said, he finished 10-of-29, and his minus-12 on the court was the lowest of all players.Kyle Lowry added 19 points, although the depth that has been key all season didn't provide much help.

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