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August 2009: A rather epic moment in the life of the Robsten chronicler.

The cast is back together in Vancouver to begin work on , and while in town, Rob and Kristen attend a Kings Of Leon concert. March 2010: They walk the red carpet separately, but nonetheless Kristen shows her support by attending the premiere of Rob's new film, , the TV staff is briefed on the how to handle the talent.

He weighed 245 pounds before he took a fitness regime and seven months later, he was unrecognizable due to losing more than 40 pounds.

And other than the fact that news reporters are generally of the best build, Bret Baier needed to get an actual grasp of his situation.

Till date, his 9-year-old son has had four major operations.

He must feel like she was sent by God to get married to him and make him a better man.Bret and Amy had given birth to a son in 2007 who had serious cardiac complications.Bret’s wife helped him put his life back in perspective and work towards a better quality of life.Back in 2007, Bret Baier and his wife, Amy, were more than happy to welcome their first child, Paul Francis Baier, in the world.But they were devastated to learn after only a few hours of their son’s birth, he had been diagnosed with cardiac complication.

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