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For instance if the user selects the whole field content, then press a key, you'll receive a remove Update (all the content is remove) and an insert Update.In your case, I don't think it is a problem but, generally speaking, it is. Plain Document; /** A JText Field with a property that maps its text.

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The only thing that I am getting from that box is a small box on the top lefthand side that is inside a bigger box. (An insertion can be viewed as a replacement of no text with some text, and a removal can be viewed as a replacement of some text with no text.) Usually all you want is to know is /** * Installs a listener to receive notification when the text of any * is changed. It has three methods, for insertion, removal, and replacement of text, when it only needs one method: replacement.Unfortunately, it seems there's no way to track the content of the text Field without subclassing JText Field. * I've found no way to track efficiently the modifications of the text of a JText Field ... * Document Listeners are intended to do it, unfortunately, when a text is replace in a field, the listener receive two events: * The first event is ...Here is the code of a class that provide a "text" property : package net.widget; import javax.swing. simply absolutely misleading, it corresponds to a value that the text never had.

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